Frequently Asked Questions

What is TopGun Resurfacing?

We specialize in resurfacing concrete and asphalt. 

Is your overlay smooth?

No.  It naturally has a texture to it.

Can your overlay fix divits, Minor cracks, small chips, and gaps?


What does your overlay consist of?

Polymers. Color. Texture. Hardners. All proprietary. 

Is replacing concrete expensive?
Yes. Very. But sometimes needed. And our “MAVERICK” (Our sales expert) will let you know.
What areas can you resurface?
Driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, wood decks, pool decks, most areas.
How long does the overlay take to cure?
Typically 48 hrs and you can drive on it.
Can TopGun do both residential and commercial?
Can I replace only 1 area and then do your overlay later?
Yes. Highly recommended. Replace those real bad areas and then we can do our Resurfacing over the entire driveway to give it a uniform look.
Can you replace my driveway?
No. We add a 1/4 overlay to your concrete. 
Can you Resurface my sidewalk?
Yes.  Same overlay process.
Can I order different colors of your overlay?
Yes. Customized options are available. See color chart
Can you do designs in our concrete?
Yes. We have custom designs available. 
What are the custom designs you offer?
Colors other than grey, skip trowel, brush strokes. blended colors,  contrast colors, edge color diff from main squares, other patterns to name a few.
Does your Resurfacing come in custom patterns?
Yes, as an upcharge.
Will my driveway look new after your Resurfacing?
Yes. No more cracks, chips, diviots, acne look.
Will my driveway look like day 1 new concrete or asphalt?
Is your TopGun overlay hard?
Yes. We have tested to prove its harder than original concrete. 
Will your overlay delaminate?
What does Resurfacing mean?

We add a 1/4 inch overlay to your existing concrete or asphalt to make it look brand new again.

Who does your resurfacing?

Our “flight deck specialist ” (expert crew)

Does your overlay require rebar?

No, it is only 1/4″ thick

What is the cost of the overlay?

We are typically about 1/2 the cost of replacing

How long does it take to overlay my driveway?

Most size driveways take 1 to 2 days.

Can I drive on the overlay?

Yes. Usually After 48 hrs.

How long does it take to replace my driveway?

We do NOT replace however replacing can take 1 to 2 weeks construction time plus 1 to 2 weeks cure for 4 weeks toal before you can drive on your new concrete. 

Do you have to demo our current concrete or asphalt?
No. We DO NOT demo. We MIGHT recommend replacing some areas if your concrete is super uneven and big chucks are missing. 
Can you do repairs before Resurfacing?
Yes. Small repairs can be done by our “flight deck specialist”
Can you do my garage?
Yes, same process.
Can you Resurface my patio?
Yes, same process.
Can you Resurface my pool deck?
Yes. 2 options. 1 is the typical texture. 2 is a splatter spray look. See your “Maverick”
Can I purchase your product in stores?
No. Its our proprietary blend.
Can I purchase your product from you?
Yes. As a DYI
Can I purchase your product for resale?
Yes. As a franchise. 
Can I purchase a franchise now?
We are in the proces and will be available shortly.
Will your resurfacing crack or fade?
Not like brand new concrete can do the 1st 30 days.
Will your overlay crack?
Not typically. There are different reasons for cracking. Subsurface problems. Shifting. Major weather. Etc
How long will your resurface last?
Keep in mind that our proprietary product is not only industrial grade BUT is harder than original concrete. We expect it to last 10 to 15 years. Servere Weather pending. 
Will it fade?
Not typically. The colors are added to the texture and NOT sprayed on.
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